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If you think it isn’t possible to get rid of debt, you’re wrong. We’ll help you determine whether a professional alternative like consolidation or counseling is the way to go. Then we’ll match you with a debt specialist or credit counselor able to help you through the process.

Debt Consolidation in Tualatin, OR

Let’s say you could have a single payment that covered all of your various credit card bills and other debts. The advantages are wide ranging:

  • Reduced stress of a single payment.
  • Smaller monthly payment amount.
  • Lower rate of interest often negotiated.
  • Fewer calls from your creditors.

This is predominantly for unsecured debt, meaning debts not backed by an asset, such as credit cards, college loans, and payday loans are unsecured Please don’t hesitate. Learn how much a debt consolidation organization could save you.

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Credit Counseling in Tualatin, OR

Credit counseling involves the creation of a comprehensive budget with the help of a qualified professional. You pay off your debts completely, but without constant calls from collections agencies. Paying off our debts in full keeps your credit score from falling on its face, as it does when paying a reduced amount, and it doesn’t necessitate taking out a sizable loan. A seasoned credit counselor in Tualatin can teach you how to manage debts, handle your existing financial troubles, and get rid of credit card debt. Debt management plans, often called DMP’s, are virtually synonymous with credit counseling. With a debt management program, your local credit counseling agency should be able to cut a deal for lower annual percentage rates and costs from your creditors. Your credit counseling company will carry out paying the credit card companies each month. The only thing you’ll have to do is make sure they get just one payment per month.

Debt Settlement in Tualatin, OR

It might be possible to negotiate a debt settlement for less than you ever imagined, and keep away from bankruptcy on top of that. When you settle a debt, you pay back only a partial amount of what you originally owed. Debt negotiation may not be extremely complicated, but it’s best left to a specialist. As the most drastic debt relief solution at your disposal, debt settlement is normally not cheap.

Comparison of Debt Relief Strategies

Questions Counseling Consolidation Settlement
One Payment Amount? Yes Yes Yes
Results in Debt Reduction? No No Yes
Decreased Rates Of Interest? Yes Yes No
Detrimental Effect on Credit Scores? No No Yes
Fewer Calls from Debt Collectors? Yes Yes Maybe
Suitable for Health-Related Bills? Yes Yes Yes
Preferable to Bankruptcy? Yes Yes Yes
Lump Sum Payment Necessary? No No Yes
Potential Tax Benefits? No Yes No

Debt Relief Organizations in Tualatin, OR

  • Enviromental Conservation Consultancy, 8850 SW Blake St, 97062

Collection Agencies in Tualatin, OR

  • None listed.