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Experts now believe that Portland consumers have, on average, $29,058 of total debt. That’s an awful lot.

Due to the substantial interest rates, credit card debt can climb within weeks. Have you been feeling it get out of control? The path to financial independence is riddled with dangers, so it’s crucial to become knowledgeable about the process. Below we outline several popular roads to debt relief available in Portland.

Debt Consolidation in Portland, OR

For anyone who is overwhelmed with debts, consolidation may be the answer, replacing all of those debts with a single payment. Quite often, this involves taking on a loan that covers your existing debts while offering a reduced payment, but there are potential risks involved, as many such loans are approved against your home. Debt consolidation is often used for credit cards, student loans, and payday loans. A qualified debt consolidation professional can determine which solution is best for your needs.

Credit Counseling in Portland, OR

Credit counselors contact your lenders to secure you better rates and terms. You will not need to obtain a new loan, your credit should not be adversely impacted, and the calls from collections agencies should stop coming. What’s even better, you should just have one big payment to to address all of your debt on a monthly basis–an amount to suit your budget. Most suitable candidates for credit counseling have steady income, debts in excess of $3,000, and an eagerness to get out of debt. Keep in mind that credit counseling depends on paying back all of your debt. That said, it is much better for your fico score than a debt negotiation program. These days, many credit counseling organizations in Portland are not-for-profit institutions who are financed at least partly through Fair Share, which means they get a portion of the recovered amount. The credit card issuers themselves pay this. This means that the vast majority of credit card counseling agencies are very affordable. Suppose you’re spending $985 on a monthly basis and you only earn $1,969. Then your credit counseling specialist could very well advise you to sign up for a debt management program. If you sign up for a DMP, your local credit counseling agency can often get you decreased annual percentage rates and better terms from the creditors you’re paying back. You will write a single check each month to your credit counselor, and they will distribute the proper amounts to your creditors.

Debt Settlement in Portland, OR

So as to negotiate a better settlement, your debt settlement agency will probably ask you to quit making payments to your creditors. Your funds will enter a savings account. Once you have sufficient funds to pay the negotiated settlement, not to mention your debt settlement firm’s fee, the money you owe will be paid back. In the meantime, your FICO score will get lower and lower. And also, the collections letters and calls may not get any better. Creditors in Portland understand that borrowers who are behind on their payments are in danger of bankruptcy. If that happens, they will get nothing at all. To begin with, your Portland debt negotiator will start negotiating with your creditors, which often takes a week or less. In a perfect world, you would pay the agreed upon total as speedily as you possibly can. However, almost all negotiation companies let you settle this over a period of 2-5 years. Obviously, you will have already reviewed this with your debt expert. If you have $10,000 in credit card or unsecured loan debt, aren’t able to repay what you owe, and would rather be free from debt than have a good credit score, credit card debt settlement may be a good idea.

Portland Debt Profile

  • Average Income: $23,624
  • Average Total Debt: $29,058
  • Average Credit Card Debt: $4,016 (High)
  • Average Credit Card Debt: $2,481 (Medium)
  • Average Credit Card Debt: $1,772 (Low)

Debt Relief Companies in Portland, OR

  • Balcom Clarke, 5125 SW MacAdam Ave, #210, 97239
  • Marcy Gary L Attorney, 424 NW 19th Ave, 97209
  • Clearpoint Fianancial Solutions, 9956 SE Washington St, #301, 97216
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Oregon, 9955 SE Washington St, 97216
  • Credit Doctor, 17233 SE Division St, 97236
  • Debt Relief Nw Inc, 202 SE 181st Ave, #204, 97233
  • Debt Relief Nw Inc, 555 SE 99th Ave, 97216
  • Family Financial Planners Inc, 2154 NE Broadway St, #130, 97232
  • Moore Credit Services, 10211 SW Barbur Blvd, #209, 97219
  • Northwest CreditRepair, PO Box 23372, 97281
  • HSBC Card Svc Incorporated, 12447 SW 69th Ave, 97223
  • Eliot Law Office, 819 SE Morrison St, 97214
  • LLS Bankruptcy Attorneys Portland, , 97005
  • Daniel Hoarfrost, Attorney at Law, 10260 SW Greenburg Rd, #400, 97223
  • 123 Credit & Debt Counseling, 206 SW Morrison St, 97204
  • Consumer Credit Counseling, 1001 SW 5th Ave, 97204
  • The Law Offices of Erik Graeff, 2125 N Flint Ave, 97227
  • Phoenix Financial LLC, 10324 NE Halsey St, #2, 97220
  • NACM Oregon, 7931 NE Halsey St, #200, 97213

Collectors in Portland, OR

  • Accent-Accounts Control Consultant Enterprises, Inc., 4520 SE Belmont St Ste 280, 97215-1668
  • Account Control Services, Inc., 3271 NE 158th Ave, 97230-4412
  • AmeriContinental Collect Company, 101 SW Market St, 97201-5701
  • Anderson & Associates Credit Services, LLC, 8700 SW 26th Ave #L, 97219
  • ASAP Collections Inc., 2400 SE Ankeny St, 97214-1725
  • Asset Recovery Group, Inc., 4520 SE Belmont St Ste 280, 97215-1668
  • Associated Credit Service, Inc. of Oregon, 950 Lloyd Ctr PMB 53, 97232-1262
  • Atlas Financial Services, 700 N Hayden Island Dr Ste 290, 97217-8172
  • Bonneville Billing & Collections, Inc., 4370 N.E. Halsey, #117, 97213
  • Capital Credit & Collection Service, Inc., 10200 SW Eastridge St Ste 201, 97225-5029
  • NACM-Oregon Service Company, 7931 NE Halsey St Ste 200, 97213-6755
  • Quick Collect, Inc., PO Box 55457, 97238-5457
  • Restore Financial Services Network, PO Box 20782, 97294
  • The Commercial Agency, 9115 SW Oleson Rd Ste 105, 97223-6876
  • Vanguard Adjustment Company, 8525 N Lombard St Ste 15, 97203-3156
  • Western Credit & Collection Service, Inc., 8383 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 220, 97220-4948