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It’s believed that the average consumer in Central Point is estimated to be carrying $50,675 of debt. We’ll help you fully grasp the wide range of debt relief options available in Central Point, then match you with a debt specialist or credit counselor to guide you through the process.

Debt Consolidation in Central Point, OR

We could help you consolidate unsecured debt into one single monthly payment. Some solutions entail a debt consolidation loan, some don’t. Either way, you’ll only need to make one payment amount. A licensed debt consolidation consultant can provide you with more details about which choice is best for your needs.

Central Point OR Debt Consolidation

Credit Counseling in Central Point, OR

Credit counseling is in several ways preferable to a consolidation loan or settlement:

  • Loan approval not required.
  • Credit not ruined.
  • Budget friendly monthly payment.
  • End to letters from creditors and collection agencies.

For this reason, credit counseling isn’t as risky as some debt relief strategies, and it’s typically very reasonably priced as well. Generally people interested in credit counseling have the following:

  • $3,5000 in Credit Card Debts
  • Steady Income
  • Genuine Aspiration to Get out of Debt

Credit counselors have you pay all of the debt you owe on your accounts, including interest. This is measurably better for your credit ratings in the long term. Most of the time, debt management and credit counseling organizations get paid a percentage of what you pay down, a practice known as Fair Share. Consequently, the costs are ordinarily very cost-effective, if not free in some areas. An integral part of credit counseling is managing debt. Why participate in a debt management program? Because you may be able to benefit from:

  • Less Expensive APR’s
  • Decreased Debt Collector Phone Calls
  • One Payment Amount
  • Swifter Freedom From Debt

Your credit counselor will deal with paying the credit card companies each and every month. All you need to do is give them the fixed payment on a monthly basis.

Debt Settlement in Central Point, OR

Hoping to steer clear of bankruptcy, but you can no longer pay off your credit cards every month? Finding a solid debt settlement company is certainly one option. When you settle a debt, you repay only a partial amount of what you originally owed. Debt settlement is not tremendously complex, yet it’s best left to a trained specialist. To begin with, your Central Point debt negotiator will begin reaching out to your banking institutions as your representative. Sometimes, the total will be owed shortly thereafter, but plenty of debt negotiation services will let you settle this over a period of 2-4 years. Naturally, you’ll have already talked over this with your debt expert. That said, it is preferable if you can pay off the total amount in as little time as possible. You should never be charged by your settlement company until they have settled an account and have provided you with a written agreement. No debt settlement firms in Central Point can bill you in advance. Any legit debt settlement company in Central Point will only charge a fee once each account is repaid. Many debt relief options generally call for flat monthly fees.

The majority of settlement firms charge you a percentage of the debt you want reduced, often up to 15 percent. This service charge will normally be spread out over a time period of 12-24 months.

Debt Consolidation versus Settlement

Whether you choose to settle or consolidate your credit card debt, you should have just one single monthly payment. However, the similarities end there. All of these are methods of eliminating debt. Debt settlement separates itself by leading to a real decline in the amount owed. When it comes to debt management, consolidation, or counseling, your monthly payment is consolidated. However, continue to repay the credit card issuers until your debts are fully paid. This is does far less damage to your credit rating, but the only debt savings are derived from lowered interest levels and fees.

Central Point OR Debt Relief

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