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You’re far from the only Kent resident troubled with debt. Today it’s thought that the average Kent resident has $1,198 of unsecured debt and $14,032 of debt in total.

Debt has been mounting for people in Kent. Here at Repaid.org, we can help you in finding the debt relief solution most likely to get you out of debt, then match you with a debt professional or credit counselor to guide you toward a debt-free future.

Debt Consolidation in Kent, OH

Suppose you had just one payment per month that included all your different credit card bills or other debts. Typically, this makes for a smaller monthly payment and minimizes collector calls. Debt consolidation works well for credit cards, college loans, and cash advances. Can’t wait to get out of credit card debt? Find a debt relief agency in your area. It’s easy!

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Credit Counseling in Kent, OH

Credit counseling, also known as debt management, entails the creation of a detailed budget with the assistance of a licensed specialist. You pay off your debts in their entirety, but more speedily, comfortably, and inexpensively. This is better for your credit than settling a debt for a lesser amount, and it doesn’t call for placing your home at stake with a big new loan. Credit counseling companies can help consumers struggling financially by:

  • Getting reduced rates of interest from their creditors.
  • Managing the credit card companies directly.
  • Generating personalized budgets for their clients.

Managing debt is virtually synonymous with credit counseling. If you sign up for a debt management plan, you might be able to enjoy:

  • Discounted Interest Rates
  • Reduced Debt Collection Agency Telephone Calls
  • Single Payment Amount
  • Speedier Debt Relief

Under a debt management plan in Kent, OH, the credit counselor will deal with paying your creditors each and every month. All you have to do is give them the fixed payment on a monthly basis.

Debt Settlement in Kent, OH

An experienced Kent debt negotiator might be able to get your credit card debt reduced to less than you ever thought possible. Debt settlement involves paying off some of what you owe, but not all of it. Why do credit card companies agree to a decreased amount? They simply need people to avert bankruptcy, to ensure that they receive at least 40-60% of the amount owed them. To start with, you and your debt professional will formulate a game plan. Next, they will call your banking institutions, which often takes a week or less. Preferably, you pay the contracted sum as speedily as possible. However, plenty of debt settlement plans enable you to settle this for 2 to 4 years. No debt relief firms in Kent are permitted to make you pay before they settle your debts, so this means your accredited debt settlement firm in Kent will only bill you once an account is paid off. Various other debt management options normally entail regular monthly payments.

As a rule, settlement firms charge you a percentage of the amount you want settled, often up to 15 percent. Generally they’re prohibited by the FTC from charging you until an account has been paid off.

Kent Debt Averages

  • Average Income: $11,408
  • Average Total Debt: $14,032
  • Average Credit Card Debt: $1,939 (High)
  • Average Credit Card Debt: $1,198 (Medium)
  • Average Credit Card Debt: $856 (Low)

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