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Little in the world is as anxiety-inducing as debt. Fortunately, there are services and solutions that can put you on the road to being debt free.

Debt Consolidation in Grove City, OH

There are several types of debt consolidation, but all of them involve replacing various monthly payments with a single, easy payment. There are a range of advantages:

  • Fewer payments to keep track of each month.
  • Lower monthly payment amount.
  • Lower interest rate often negotiated.
  • No more hassling from your creditors.

You can consolidate many types of debts, including credit cards, college loans, and payday loans. Please don’t delay. Find out how much a debt consolidation agency will save you.

Debt Consolidation in Grove City OH

Credit Counseling in Grove City, OH

Credit counseling, also known as debt management, involves working with a licensed credit counselor. You pay off all of the debt you owe, but more speedily, effectively, and affordably. This won’t brutalize your credit like debt settlement, and it doesn’t involve taking on a big loan. Believe it or not, credit counseling is compulsory for individuals filing bankruptcy. Any worthwhile credit counseling professional in Grove City should be able to help you:

  • Merge Your Payment Amounts
  • Decrease Your Rates of Interest
  • Avoid Debt Collections Calls
  • Pay Off Your Debt More Quickly

Do you have at least $10K of medical or credit card debt or have monthly payments for rent, loans, or credit cards that amount to one half of what you make each month? If so, you might need to enter a debt management plan (DMP). A DMP is a means of consolidating debt, because the money you owe every month will be consolidated into a single amount. However, no loan is required. You will submit just a single check to your Grove City credit counseling service, and they’ll mail out the appropriate amounts to your creditors.

Debt Settlement in Grove City, OH

It’s better for your credit to repay everything you owe, but as a final measure you can get the creditor to agree to a reduced amount.

Why would creditors agree to a reduced amount? Because it often helps a debtor steer clear of filing for bankruptcy, in order that they receive at least a portion of the original debt. Reducing your debts like this does have some drawbacks. Firstly, your credit card companies do not have to approve settlement terms. Secondly, settling your debt is bad for your FICO rating. All things considered, your credit card debt will not be paid in full. Moreover, your collection calls may not grow less frequent significantly, as they do with some other debt relief solutions.

Settling versus Consolidating Debt

Settling your debts and consolidating them are two distinct approaches. Debt settlement programs result in a reduction in what you owe, while consolidation or management does not. You continue to repay your loan providers every month during a debt management plan. That means your credit rating is not affected nearly as badly as it can be during debt negotiations. After all, with credit card settlement you stop repaying your creditors. However, debt management almost always takes longer and eventually you’ll pay back every cent you owe.

Debt Relief in Grove City OH

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