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Considering that the average Cincinnati consumer is carrying $2,748 on their credit cards, it’s not surprising that so many people are looking for help. There are times when requesting the assistance of a debt relief agency is the best option. Find out what you need to know about consolidation, settlement, and credit counseling. Any time you’re ready, we can help you find the debt relief service that’s right for you.

Debt Consolidation in Cincinnati, OH

Just how many people need to reduce their credit card debt in Cincinnati, OH? We have calculated that 69,691 of Cincinnati’s 831,438 consumers would benefit from a debt relief solution of some sort. Debt consolidation allows you to pay back your debts more speedily, inexpensively, and efficiently. Typically, Cincinnati debt consolidation involves paying off your debt in full. This is typically better for your credit score down the road than debt settlement. A qualified debt consolidation professional can provide you with more information about which option is best for your needs.

Debt Consolidation Cincinnati OH

Credit Counseling in Cincinnati, OH

Credit counseling has many benefits over other forms of debt relief:

  • Home isn’t put at stake.
  • Credit not destroyed.
  • Reasonable monthly payment.
  • Credit counselor handles credit card companies and collections.

In this manner, credit counseling is not as dicey as some debt relief methods, and it’s typically extremely easily affordable at the same time. The majority of people who could benefit from credit counseling have stable income, debts in the neighborhood of at least $3,000, and the desire to repay their debts. When it comes to credit counseling, you will pay back everything you owe on your accounts, including interest, which ends up being measurably better for your fico scores in the long term than debt settlement. Debt management and credit counseling companies are in effect rewarded by whomever you’re trying to repay. Consequently, the pricing is generally very reasonable, from $0-45 each month. Debt management plans are practically interchangeable with credit counseling. A debt management program is a means of consolidating debt, because the money you owe every month will be merged into one monthly sum. However, no loans are involved. This is different from a few other approaches to debt consolidation, which use home equity loans to pay back your credit card balances. In effect, your credit counselor will deal with your creditors personally.

Debt Settlement in Cincinnati, OH

During a debt settlement, you simply cease making payments to the credit card issuers. In lieu, you deposit funds into a checking account until you have enough money to pay the amount worked out by your debt settlement company. Lamentably, your FICO rating gets lower and lower. Naturally, filing for bankruptcy would crush your credit rating too. In accordance with quite recent FTC policies, this savings, or “special purpose” account must:

  • Be FDIC-insured.
  • Offer you full access.
  • Not charge you for withdrawing funds.

Debt settlement in Cincinnati is not brain surgery, but it’s better left to an expert. Firstly, your Cincinnati debt negotiator will call your credit card companies on your behalf. If a settlement is approved, you will either pay the total if you’ve got the funds on hand, or open a bank account for putting money aside to pay your settlement amount. Whereas debt management programs have ongoing fees each month of $25 to 40, debt settlement costs are normally assessed after each creditor is paid back. Most settlement companies will charge you about 14-18% of the amount you owe – which is a whole lot! This fee will normally be spread out over 12-24 months.

Are You in Need of Debt Relief?

If your ratio of debt to income is above 50%, you need to speak with a credit counselor in Cincinnati right now. For the average Cincinnati consumer that has earnings of $2,181 per month, this is more than $1,091 per month.

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Debt Relief Agencies in Cincinnati, OH

  • Advantage Debt Management Of America, 4015 Executive Park Dr, 45241
  • Advantage Debt Management of America, 4424 Aicholtz Rd, 45245
  • Advantage Debt Management Of America, 5968 Glenway Ave, 45238
  • Advantage Debt Management Of America, I-275 At Beechmont, 45201
  • Ammend Credit Counseling, 6014 Cherokee Dr, 45243
  • Budget Planners, 727 Martin Luther King Dr W, 45220
  • C Cc-Credit Counselors Corporation, 644 Linn St, 45203
  • CBC Credit SVCS Inc, 11260 Chester Rd, #750, 45246
  • Cinti Credit Counseling Service Corporation, 4030 Mt Carmel Tobasco Rd, 45255
  • Cinti Credit Counseling Service Corporation, 895 Central Ave, 45202
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service Of Greater Cincinnati, 4556 Montgomery Rd, 45212
  • Credit Counseling Centers, 5598 Glenway Ave, 45238
  • Credit Counseling CTRS, 8041 Hosbrook Rd, 45236
  • Credit Improvers Inc, 1014 Vine St, #1630, 45202
  • CSC Credit Services Inc – Mortgage Services, 205 W 4th St, #400, 45202
  • SMB Inc, 9825 Kenwood Rd, 45242
  • Sweeney Jake Auto Dealerships, 11535 McGillard St, 45246
  • Trinity Credit Counseling Inc, 11229 Reading Rd, 45241
  • Trinity Credit Counselors, 3798 Park 42 Dr, 45241
  • Voorhees & Levy Llc, 11159 Kenwood Rd, 45242
  • CCCS of Greater Cincinnati – A Division of Apprisen Financial Advocates, 9545 Kenwood Rd, #204, 45242
  • Cincinnati Credit Counseling S, 8228 Winton Rd, 45231
  • CCCS of Greater Cincinnati – A Division of Apprisen Financial Advocates, 9600 Colerain Ave, #405, 45251
  • A American Debt Consolidation, 3 W 4th St, 45202
  • Credit Counseling, , 45001
  • Williams, Dan Author – Williams Family Ministries, , 45001
  • Csc Credit Svc Incorporated, 205 W 4th St, 45202
  • Accelerated Creditors Svc Incorporated, 10079 Springfield Pike, 45215

Debt Collection Agencies in Cincinnati, OH

  • Accelerated Creditors Services, Inc., 10079 Springfield Pike, 45215-1454
  • Account Receivable Collections, PO Box 42220, 10979 Reed Hartman Hwy #229, 45242-0220
  • Asset Recovery Team (ART), 4700 Ashwood Dr Ste 404, 45241-2424
  • Controlled Credit Corporation, 3687 Warsaw Ave, 45205-1744
  • Drs/Bonded Collection Systems, 7745 E Kemper Rd, 45249-1611
  • General Revenue Corporation, 11501 Northlake Dr, 45249-1643
  • National Child Support, 11353 Reed Hartman Hwy, Ste 100, 45241-2429
  • Parson-Bishop Services, Inc., 7870 Camargo Rd, 45243
  • Thomas & Thomas Attorneys, 2323 Park Ave, 45206-2711
  • Unifund CCR Partners, 10625 Techwoods Cir, 45242-2846
  • United Compucred Collections, Inc., 4190 Harrison Ave, 45211-4546
  • Wynn-Singer and Associates, Inc., 5861 Cheviot Rd, 45247-6202