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  • CFPB Targets Overdraft Fees

    CFPB Targets Overdraft Fees

    Since its inception in 2010, through the Dodd-Frank legislation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has targeted mortgages, credit reports, and student loans. It is now training its microscope on the overdraft fees that banks are charging on consumer checking accounts. The concerns are centered on the bank’s practices that […]

  • CFPB Warns Auto Dealers about Discriminatory Financing

    Some auto dealers have been turning to the financing process to increase their profit on an auto sale, by raising the interest rate paid by some purchasers – typically minority customers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), created in the wake of the recent financial crisis, has released a guidance […]

  • Online-Only Banking Institutions: Good Fit For Consumers?

    The internet has changed the way that businesses operate, and the retail banking sector is no exception. While brick and mortar stores are struggling against their web based counterparts, banks are late to the scene. Online banking firms hold only 4.2% of deposits, but these numbers are increasing rapidly. Does […]