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  • Get Out This Summer Without Breaking Your Budget

    Get Out This Summer Without Breaking Your Budget

    Finding a way to entertain yourself while on a budget and trying to reduce your debt can be a bit challenging. Despite the challenges, we all know that total self-denial can defeat the best laid plans, so what is the solution? A little shopping around. Here are a few summer […]

  • 8 Smart Ways To Be Frugal At Work

    Whether it’s saving at least ten percent from your monthly paychecks or paying credit card balances on time, your work should help you maintain your financial resolutions- not break them.  But in the midst of all the office drama and stress, it’s easy to lose track of your finances. Those […]

  • You Save Money How?

    You Save Money How?

    I can’t say that I have always had a love affair with saving money. Putting money in the bank and being debt free have been very tumultuous issues for me, as they are for many people. At times, I have employed some money saving ideas that make me laugh at […]

  • Inexpensive Summer Activities For Your Kids

    Inexpensive Summer Activities For Your Kids

    Early this morning the pristine tranquility of my day was destroyed by the ear-splitting scream of a child playing outside. While the child who vocalized so loudly is too young to be in school, it reminded me that the school year ends next week. That means that we are about […]