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  • PF Faves: Credit Cards Still Safer Than Debit Cards

    Don at 20s Finances recently weighed in on the credit vs debit card debate.  Although security is getting better for both debit and credit cards, he says credit cards still remain a better choice. The fraud protection offered by credit cards limits an individual’s liability to only $50. Credit card […]

  • PF Faves:  Make Bagging Your Lunch a Habit

    PF Faves: Make Bagging Your Lunch a Habit

    If you’re going out for lunches and want to get in the habit of packing them instead, Sarah at Prairie Eco-Thrifter offers some great tips. First, make sure to pack a lunch before heading out the door every morning. Making this a habit will help you eat healthy from home. […]

  • Mobile Banking: Are The Risks Greater Than The Rewards?

    The rise of technology has impacted many facets of our life, including banking. Mobile banking is quickly generating speed, epitomized by Apple’s “Apple Pay”, an easy pay feature similar to Google Wallet. Although the ease of access and lightning quick speeds associated with mobile banking catch the eye, many are […]