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Auto bailouts, rising national debt, rising consumer debt – the world seems awash in unpaid borrowed funds.  The average new car loan has a negative equity of $4250, Generation X-ers have lost 40% of their net worth, and the average college student is graduating with $27K in debt (CNN).

At Repaid.org, we’re at the heart of a movement to get out of debt.  Not by bankruptcy, not by settlement – by repaying it.  It’s not that these strategies do not have their uses – they certainly do – but too often consumers are looking for an easy way out.  Bankruptcy and settlement are last resorts, and should be treated that way.  In reality, it may be easier, healthier, and smarter to pay off your debt through smart budgeting, frugal-living, and credit-friendly(-ish) methods like debt/credit counseling.  We will show you how.


The Team

  • Founder/Managing Editor/Senior Writer:  Taylor B.  Taylor is a seasoned financial and automotive writer.  He has not had as much success as his partner in crime, Jerry, at paying off his credit card debt (yet).  But he is well on his way.
  • Senior Writer:  Jerry Coffey.  Jerry paid off $10,000 in credit card debt in 27 months through hard work, discipline, and smart budgeting.  You can read his story here.