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Beginners in investing faces a lot of challenges before their investments can becomes stable and successful. Because of this, there are many advisers who assist the beginners because you cannot start an investment overnight without first obtaining information from experts. Advisers helps in making wise decisions for your investments. You only pay them a small wage and the rest of the money you can enjoy it in whatever means you wish. Advisers have great experience in investing information and practices and by hiring them assures you to get the best investing information. They work to make beginners in investing succeed.


For a beginner to succeed in the field of investing, he or she need to understand the movement of prices and the forces that affects this prices, such as demand and supply. Prices usually changes when demand and supply are in disequilibrium. Disequilibrium is a situation when investment demanded is not equal to investment supplied. For instance, prices will go up when there are many buyers than sellers and the vice versa will be true. Investments are in different forms which includes; stocks, bonds, real estates, options, currency pairs and many others. Most of this investments are offered by CMC markets and one can choose the investment form that suits them in terms of financial strengths or according to expected performance of this investments.

Many beginners tend to invest in stock markets even though this stocks are the riskiest form of investment. Stocks are risky to invest in because they are affected by company’s performance and if the company is performing poorly, stock value will lower. Before you decide to invest in a company, it is advisable, first you evaluate the company you intend to invest your money with. You need to understand financial statements such as charts of the firm. This information will help you to track how an individual firm have been performing in the past few years or months and hence you will be able to predict possible outcomes in the future. For investments for beginners to become successful, there are some two rules or principles which they need to take into account.

Planning is a key feature for investing for beginners.

Every beginner need to have a clearly defined plan of trading. A beginner need to plan on what he or she intend to invest in. He can choose from a variety of forms such as stocks or options or others, but it will depend on the motivating factor or the convenience of the form. Also he or she need to have a plan on the risks tolerance because these investments are associated with a lot of risks due to uncertainty in prices in future. In some situations, you can plan on the amount of time you will be involved in the investment in a day through research and other demands of the investments. From the above, we see that, a clearly set plan in investing will facilitate the achievement of the set objectives and goals of trade.

Planning can either be long term or short term. Short terms plans will help you realize day to day goals while long term will assist you in future years, for instance during retirements and pension. Long term plans will also help you to be financially stable even if the company you invested in fails or if it goes out of business.

“Lose small and win big” rule

This is the second rule in investing for beginners. This rule states that, the beginner need to have correct market information and should understand them clearly. Past prices of investments need to be taken into account in order to came up with a trend on how the prices have been moving in later years. This will also help you to predict future prices of investments such as stocks and bonds. Good market information assures you to sell the share or the bonds at a time when the prices are high. You will also be able to buy the stocks at very cheap price when you buy them when the prices are low. Lose small and win big principle will only apply when you have correct market information, such as in a perfect competitive market.


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