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Finding a reputable credit counseling service can be very difficult to do. It seems like there are a hundred frauds for every single legitimate company out there. To make matters worse, you can find list after list of the ”Best Credit Counseling Companies”. Unfortunately, most of those lists are created by companies who were hired to drive traffic to a group of websites or by the credit counseling companies themselves.

The best credit counseling services are accredited by the The National Foundation for
Credit Counseling or the NFCC. You can find them by visiting The NFCC has affiliates in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

What The NFCC Can Do For You

The NFCC was founded in 1951 and has become the largest nonprofit financial counseling organization in the United States. Its sole mission is to promote financially responsible behavior. To do that, it requires that all affiliates deliver the highest-quality financial education and counseling services. Serviced offered by NFCC affiliates include:

  • Financial education
  • Comprehensive, individualized money management services
  • Counseling services that cover: Credit/Debt, Bankruptcy, Housing, Reverse Mortgages, Student Loan Debt, Debt Management, Credit Report Reviews
  • Some members offer social services such as substance abuse and child mentoring

Just as you would only choose a doctor that has a license to practice medicine, you should only choose a credit counselor that is accredited in its field. All NFCC members have been accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). The COA is not affiliated with the NFCC. Each affiliate must be re-accredited every four years to ensure that the best services are being offered at all times. Some of the requirements that the COA monitors are:

  • Agencies must have annual audits of operating and trust accounts
  • Agencies must be licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Agencies must offer and support a variety of consumer education programs
  • Agencies must comply with consumer disclosure requirements
  • Debt Management Programs must include a detailed review of current and prospective income, as well as present and anticipated financial obligations
  • Funds must be disbursed to creditors on behalf of the clients at least twice per month
  • Clients must be offered a variety of deposit options including electronic methods, and are offered immediate correction of improper posting
  • Each client receives counseling, including an assessment of how they got into trouble, a written comprehensive financial action plan
  • Clients receive a statement, at a minimum, every quarter

Many of the services offered by NFCC affiliated agencies are offered for free. The few fees that you may be charged will be as low as possible.


About the author: Jerry Coffey


Jerry Coffey spent many years in a debt-riddled gray area somewhere between broke and desperately broke. His seemingly endless need for more and more cash led him to payday loans, repossessions, bankruptcy, and depression. After years of the same financial style, he heard a piece of advice that inspired him to find a way to change. The advice: ''The very definition of a fool is someone who continues to do the same things, but expects different results.'' This led him to a much more frugal lifestyle that sees all of his bills paid on time and a growing savings account. Even the seed of a retirement account has begun to sprout.


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