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If you read our blog with any frequency, you know that, here at, we’re big fans of credit unions. Member-owned, community-driven, not-for-profit, with dividends distributed to members rather than only stockholders? What’s not to love? And in this world wide web we call home, the way to share the love is through links and social media. So we decided to compile our list of the top 20 credit union blogs. Throw these blogs into your RSS reader, follow them on Twitter, share, and comment. If your credit union made the cut, please consider republishing the list on your blog (code provided below)!

Note on Methodology

These blogs were chosen from a list of well over 100 blogs. Each blog is updated at least once per month on average, and has been in existence for at least six months. Each stands out in some way: depth of research, frequency of updates, number of interviews, expertise of writers, or just plain energy. Oh yeah, extra points for Educators Credit Union’s National Dog Day video 🙂 Overall, however, this was a subjective selection. If you feel that your credit union’s blog should have made the list, just let us know in the comments, and we might be able to sneak a 21st or 22nd entry into our “Top 20” 😉

Alliant Credit UnionChicago, IL

Alliant Credit Union BlogAlliant updates their blog about as consistently as anyone in the credit union blogosphere, and they have some of the most well-researched, thought-provoking posts you’re like to stumble upon. Writer Paul Brucker asks such questions as is going to a movie worth the price? and does money buy happiness? These are not plain-old opinion pieces, but deeply researched articles citing sources such as Forbes, Time, and The Scientific American. Alliant itself, in business since 1935, is the 7th-largest credit union in the United States in terms of total assets, and now has more than 270,000 members. Membership is open to employees of certain companies, members of certain organizations, and residents of certain communities. You can find if you’re eligible here.

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Aspire Federal Credit UnionClark, NJ

Aspire FCUAspire FCU scores big points for a frequently updated blog full of great information for members and non-members alike. You can typically expect two posts per week, with articles that apply to a wide range of demographics: from how to save money in the fall, to tips for living on your own, to instructions for creating truly secure passwords. There is a wealth of information in the blog’s archives, with posts going all the way back to April of 2011. Aspire FCU itself dates back to 1948, first founded as the FAA Eastern Region FCU by members of the Civil Air Administration. Today the credit union has more than 22,000 members, with membership open to employees of participating organizations. You can learn more here.

Bellweather Community Credit UnionManchester, NH

bellwetherBCCU’s blog focuses not just on financial matters, but how they intersect with your lifestyle. Balance seems to be a key theme. There are recent posts on work/life balance, working while in school, and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences on a budget. Each post is very well-researched, with a list of sources that always includes authoritative names such as Forbes, CNN, CNBC, and Fast Company–among others. The posts are especially informative if you live in New Hampshire, with locally-focused content for residents of the area. For instance, one BCCU post highlights fitness trails in NH; another discusses scaling Mount Washington on a budget. Bellweather is one of the oldest credit unions on our list, first founded in 1921, and currently open to any resident of The Granite State.

Community Financial Credit UnionPlymouth, MI

community-financialCommunity Financial’s Money Matter$ blog boasts a perfect blend of fun and informative articles. On the fun side, we have posts such as “What Does Your Car Color Choice Say about Your Personality” and “10 Tips for an Awesome Tailgate Party.” On the informative side, Community Financial’s bloggers cover the psychology of paying in cash, how to deal with student loans, and how to save on car insurance. In either case, you can expect posts that are both edifying and entertaining. Community Financial itself was founded in 1951 by none other than the Daisy Air Rifle Company of A Christmas Story fame, once headquartered in Plymouth. Today the credit union has more than $500 million in assets, and has been ranked as one of the best places to work in Metro Detroit for several years running.

Connex Credit UnionNorth Haven, CT

Connex Credit UnionConnex CU certainly wins the award for best blog name: The Unbank Blog. This fits in nicely with Connex’s slogan: “Unbank with us.” Connex plays host to a competition called ConneXfactor, in which five contestants are paired with a Connex financial coach to compete for a $5000 grand prize. Each has certain financial goals they are striving to hit, and the blog does a great job of covering the stories, hardships, and successes of each participant. Connex itself has been serving the community since 1941. The credit union currently has 47,000 members and seven branch locations, making it one of the leading credit unions in the state of Connecticut. Anyone who lives, works, or worships in the counties of New Haven, Hartford, or Middlesex is welcom to join.

Dupaco Credit UnionDubuque, Iowa

Dupaco One thing that makes the Daily Dupaco so great is the emphasis on advice from people in the credit union and surrounding community. For instance, a two-part series on survival tips from a college grad incorporates advice from Tami Rechtenbach, vice president of member services, as well as her daughter, who graduated from the University of Dubuque, working her way through school as a teller at the credit union. This is the kind of rich content, community-driven content that makes credit union blogging so great. For another post debating whether to repair or replace vintage windows, author Emily Kittle spoke with David Wadsworth, a general contractor and president/owner of a local construction company. Dupaco itself, which recently merged with Iowa Community Credit Unions, was first formed by employees of the Dubuque Packing Company in 1948, and now has 18 branches throughout Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. As they say themselves: we’re so not a bank 🙂

Education Credit UnionAmarillo, TX

Education-Credit-UnionMary Dittfurth, the hip young financial educator who maintains the ECU blog, takes a more personal, entertaining, often comic approach to blogging than some of her more cut-and-dried peers. For instance, she recently listed “11 things my generation just doesn’t understand,” which included everything from Roladex and VHS to fax machines and non-digital maps. More serious articles tackle personal branding, use of social media, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs–all circling back to financial lessons of some kind. For such a hip blogger, Education CU does have a somewhat dated blogging system, with posts archived as PDF files. Still, the load-time is so quick you hardly notice. The credit union operates primarily in counties of the Texas Panhandle, with membership open not just to employees of area schools and universities, but also anyone living within 10 miles of one of the branch locations. Full membership requirement are listed here.

Educators Credit UnionRacine, WI

Educators-CUECU may just win the award for the most frequently updated credit union blog around. In September of 2014, they published a whopping 11 posts. In July, 13! The blog, in continuous operation since January of 2013, covers a wide range of topics, from financially related posts about the cost of school supplies and the gamification of saving money to fun videos in honor of lesser holidays such as National Dog Day, National Video Game Day, and National Cheese Pizza Day. Heather Collier, the primary blogger behind ECU, keeps the blog fun and informative, appealing to members and non-members alike. Educators Credit Union itself, founded way back in 1937, now boasts 17 locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Anyone living in this part of the state is eligible join, with “special emphasis” on those working in the fields of education, healthcare, and government. Educators Credit Union also has a second, fantastic blog here at their Join ECU website.

Entrust Federal Credit UnionRichmond, VA

Entrust-CUEntrust FCU has some of the very best financial content you’ll find in the CU blogosphere. Topics are varied, from myth-busting identity theft to budgeting for unplanned expenses to car-buying tips. Stewardship is a recurring theme, and Entrust itself supports faith-based ministries. Membership is open to those who live, work, worship, volunteer, study, or conduct business in the Richmond Virginia area. You can learn more about Entrust FCU here.

Extra Credit UnionWarren, MI

Extra-CUExtra Credit Union covers the personal finance gamut, often with seasonally-inspired posts such as savings tips for the fall semester and “springing” into savings at the end of winter. The tips and advice apply not just to credit union members, but consumers across the board. This shouldn’t be surprising considering that ECU offers a certified K-12 financial curriculum! We’re big fans of such financial literacy programs, as you know. The credit union itself was founded in 1954, and now serves much of southeast Michigan with full-service branches in Warren and Sterling Heights.

Goldenwest Credit UnionOgden, UT

Goldenwest-CUGoldenwest Credit Union’s blog is unique in that it’s written by President/CEO Kerry Wahlen, who offers an insightful and analytic approach to personal finance. His favorite quote? “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Mr. Wahlen only updates the blog once per month, but when he does, you can be sure it’s a long, edifying, well thought-out post. Goldenwest was first founded in 1936 and now boasts 100,000 members and 26 branches throughout the state of Utah. The credit union is ranked in the top 10% of strongest credit unions nationwide, and has won the Utah Business award for best credit union six years running.

Michigan First Credit UnionLathrup Village, MI

Michigan-First-CUMichigan First’s What’s Hot blog has some of the most visually pleasing posts on the list. There are big pictures, a nifty font, cool chevron-shaped bullet points, and slick tables. But this blog isn’t all show and no go: not by a long shot! Michigan First brings the “big guns” to bear, with authors including none other than the President/CEO himself, Michael Poulos. When someone with that kind of expertise weighs in how to create a credit card strategy, you certainly listen! Michigan First began as the Detroit Teachers Credit Union way back in 1925, and was at one time the world’s largest credit union. A stellar blog makes sense for this credit union that was one of the first to go online in real-time…way back in 1980! Today Michigan First has 90,000 members and $650 million in assets. Oh yeah, they also have a great Young & Free Michigan blog steered by the vivacious Ebeth Fielder!

Philadelphia Federal Credit UnionPhiladelphia, PA

pfcuPhiladelphia FCU’s Moneyline blog offers some of the best tips around. It isn’t updated as often as some of the other blogs on the list, but the quality of the content helps this blog make the cut. Here at, we love some juicy statistics, and PFCU’s Moneyline offers them in spades. Did you know that the average cost of a wedding is now $29,000? Or that 11 million private records were compromised in 2011? Or smart phone theft increased 50% from 2005 to 2010? We’re suckers for data like this, and they’re a great hook for any post. Philadelphia FCU itself was first formed in 1951 to serve municipal employees, and now the member-owned institution boasts 111,000 members and $900 million in assets. They are one of the largest credit unions in the area, with the mission to become THE largest credit union in the Delaware Valley.

Purdue Federal Credit UnionWest Lafayette, Indiana

Purdue-FederalPurdue FCU, suggested by Brady of Brass Media, has one of the very best student-oriented blogs we’ve had the pleasure of coming across. They tackle all aspects of college life, typically with a financial twist. There are posts on everything from dorm food to thrift store decorating, from finding a major to rocking an interview. There’s even a beautiful infographic on commuting without a car. Purdue Federal, first formed in 1969, now serves more than 60,000 members across the United States, having accrued an armful of best-in-class awards along the way.

SAC Federal Credit UnionPapillion, NE

SAC-FCUSAC FCU’s blog provides not only insightful personal finance articles, but also brings together interesting financial news from around the globe. For instance, did you know that there are 155 new billionaires in the world? Or that 10% of working Americans aged 35-44 are having their wages garnished? SAC FCU was founded way back in 1946, SAC standing from Strategic Air Command. It is now the largest credit union in Sarpy County, with 22 branch locations, and membership open to those who live, work, worship, go to school, or do business in the Nebraska counties ofDouglas, Sarpy, Cass, Washington, or Saunders, as well as the Iowa counties of Pottawattamie, Harrison, or Mills.

SIU Credit UnionMarion, Illinois

SIU-CUSIU Credit Union has one of the most consistently updated blogs in the credit union blogosphere. The credit union, founded as Jackson County Teacher’s Credit Union in 1938, serves much of Southern Illinois, including the counties of Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Perry, Marion, Randolph, Saline, Massac, Union or Williamson. The blog covers a wide range of personal finance topics, from how to tell whether your identity has been compromised to questions to ask before marriage to making your own Halloween costume on the cheap. In fact, that’s our featured post!

SouthPoint Federal Credit UnionSleepy Eye, MN

SouthPoint-FCUSouthPoint FCU’s blog is updated by a wide range of the company’s employees, from loan service reps to marketing specialists to financial advisors and member services reps. This brings a rich mix of perspectives to the table and allows each author to expound on a topic they know best. From a financial advisor we have a post discussing market corrections, while an IT expert discusses the advantages of password managers for protecting your identity online. This community authorship seems appropriate for a credit union that strives to “empower members to achieve their goals and dreams.” Founded in 1936, SouthPoint Federal has branches in Sleepy Eye, Springfield, and New Ulm, and serves members in much of southern Minnesota.

Summit Credit UnionMadison, WI

summit-credit-unionSummit Credit Union is doing something truly unique with Project Money, a contest in which four teams of participants–each consisting of credit union members–compete in a 7-month challenge to improve their financial lives with the assistance of a Summit Financial Coach. Each team–typically an individual, couple, or family–receives $2500 for participating, while the winner receives a prize of $10,000! Full rules are available here. Of course, during the competition each team maintains a blog detailing their trials, victories, and progress. If Summit is sounding like a pretty cool credit union, it surely is. Originally founded in 1935, Summit–formerly known as Great Wisconsin Credit Union–allows just about anyone to join. They have an annual Member Fest that brings together 1000+ members, and they have all kinds of initiatives: Pay it Forward, Project Money and Teen Money, Oodles Reward Program, Red SHOES, their financial wellness program.

USC Credit UnionLos Angeles, CA

USC-CUUSC Credit Union, being associated with the University of Southern California, offers a blog that caters largely to the financial lives and needs of students and recent graduates. There are posts on how to save money in college, how to start planning early for retirement, and how much to spend on your hobbies. Financial education in schools is close to our hearts here at, and blog writer Cal recently reported on a new 3-year pilot program designed to “enhance the financial literacy” of college students. The credit union itself was founded in 1972 by a group of USC facilities maintenance employees, and has since grown to have nearly 62,000 members.

Verity Credit UnionSeattle, Washington

Verity-CUWhat’s so neat about Verity CU’s Our Voices blog is the authorship: it’s written by a wide array of the credit union’s employees and members, including senior loan officers, financial coaches, marketing directors, and even graphic designers! There are 17 authors listed on the blog, each bringing their own specialty and perspective to the table, creating a strong community feel–one of the strong points of credit unions themselves. It’s also one of the longest-running credit union blogs around, started way back in December 2004! Verity itself has been in existence since 1933, and anyone who lives, works, or worships in any county in Washington State is eligible to join.

Young & Free Alabama (Guardian Credit Union)Montgomery, AL

GUARDIAN No list of top credit union blogs would be complete without at least one entry from the Young & Free, a group of 35 bloggers/”spokesters” representing youth-friendly credit unions throughout the US and Canada. Jeremiah, voice of the “18 to 25 year old Alabamian,” makes the list with his Young & Free Alabama blog, repping Guardian Credit Union of Montgomery, AL. Jeremiah’s blog is an entertaining blend of financial tips, musings, news, and advice–often with video! You’ll find posts covering everything from boosting your credit score to getting a safe deposit box to prepping for a date. As with all of the Young & Free blogs, you’ll also benefit from videos featuring the likes of “Credit Squirrel.”

Again, if you feel your credit union’s blog deserves to make our list, drop us a line in the comments section and we’ll be sure to give it consideration!

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