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Credit scores are improving for Americans recovering from the 2008-2012 recession. As of April of 2014, the average FICO score was 692. This is six points higher than 686 in 2009. Put in perspective, FICO credit scores range from 300 to 850, and 692 is considered high “Average.” A “Good” rating would be between 700 and 749. A senior consumer credit specialist at FICO says that improved credit scores are the result of Americans being more responsible after the recession. They are not so quick to acquire substantial debt. Another possible reason is stricter guidelines for borrowing, which makes it harder to get credit. Prior to the recession, creditors were offering mortgages to borrowers with suspicious credit histories. But when they defaulted, creditors gave negative reports to the credit agencies. So now Americans are relying less on lenders for their financial education. They are becoming more aware of their financial situation and taking charge of their own financial stability.

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Taylor Brown is the founder of He has paid down 90% of his credit card debt through smart budgeting, frugal-living, and inspiration/support from other personal finance bloggers.


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