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Having friends over can be a ton of fun. What could possible be more fun that hosting a get together? There could even be a theme like BBQ, game night, beer tasting, or even an obscure sport such as badminton or croquet can be a whole load of fun for your family and friends.

Reading onward past this link you’ll learn how a BBQ can be put together for under $40, ideas for game night featuring board games that will bring both joy and pain (Monopoly, anyone?) to all that attend.

If a meal or games isn’t your thing, how about hosting your very own beer tasting party where everyone brings a single large glass bottle of beer to share. BYOB to participate!

Finally, a costume party or one centered around an obscure sport such as croquet or badminton can be a ton of fun too. Just be creative and enjoy the planning, and your party!

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Taylor Brown is the founder of He has paid down 90% of his credit card debt through smart budgeting, frugal-living, and inspiration/support from other personal finance bloggers.


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