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Guys and Gals,

We all know that consumers tend to spend too much on their cars.  Part of the issue is lack of a good rule-of-thumb for how much to spend.  Percentage of income is perhaps the simplest and easiest measure of all, but there is no consensus on what that percentage should be.

So I’ve created a survey to remedy that issue, and I’d love you to weigh in with your expert financial minds on this issue. In return, I’ll feature your answers on my automotive blog, AutoFoundry (PR2, MR 4.16, 4K+ UVs), along with a link to your blog.  This form will be available until May 1, and the results will be posted shortly thereafter.  I’ll email you when the post is up, so you can share/link to it if you want.  Thanks so much in advance for your help!


About the author: Taylor


Taylor Brown is the founder of He has paid down 90% of his credit card debt through smart budgeting, frugal-living, and inspiration/support from other personal finance bloggers.


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