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obamacareIdentity thieves and scammers are enterprising souls who will never miss a new opportunity to  part you from your cash or personal information. With the arrival of Obamacare sign up deadlines, these criminals were able to sniff out a new chance to grab your hard earned money. Here are a few of the new scams that you should be aware of.

The Scams

The government is spending millions upon millions of dollars to train people to assist Americans through the sign-up process. These ”navigators” are being trained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and will never ask you for a ”fee” related to their services. Scammers are calling individuals posing as qualified navigators, offering advice on the best insurance options available, but requiring upfront fees for their services.

The most innocuous scam may be contacting people and telling them that they are required to obtain a new Medicare card under Obamacare. Of course, they can provide the card over the phone as long as you provide your Social Security and bank account numbers. There is no need for a new Medicare card and you should never give any personal information to anyone who calls you.

Both of the scams mentioned above are perpetrated by people posing as government employees. No one from the federal or state governments is going to call you about signing up. Each state has provided a website where you can view the different plans and you can find a number to call if you have questions.

Every new law or regulation seems to provide a fresh opportunity for thieves. In this case, the federal government has set up a dedicated website where you can find all of the information that you may need about Obamacare, including your the web address for your state’s insurance exchange. You can follow this link to the site:


About the author: Jerry Coffey


Jerry Coffey spent many years in a debt-riddled gray area somewhere between broke and desperately broke. His seemingly endless need for more and more cash led him to payday loans, repossessions, bankruptcy, and depression. After years of the same financial style, he heard a piece of advice that inspired him to find a way to change. The advice: ''The very definition of a fool is someone who continues to do the same things, but expects different results.'' This led him to a much more frugal lifestyle that sees all of his bills paid on time and a growing savings account. Even the seed of a retirement account has begun to sprout.


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